Reaching the Milestones

We proudly present that we have impacted the lives of thousands of marginalized and vulnerable people in Pakistan.


Our journey started with a dream to transform a filthy pond into an island of hope for life. It was thought to address the miseries and vulnerabilities of people having poor access to quality health and education services.


After 12 years down the road, we feel a little relief by knowing that our dreams are coming true and we are approaching the milestones. Our communities are being provided the essential health and education services, to achieve higher standards. Our plans and strategies are based on the power of partnership and sharing.


about our education programs


    The community school  

provided primary, elementary, 

and secondary education to over.

Our education experts

Our education experts help children get ready for kindergarten and achieve the critical reading and math milestones.

Our education team

Our education team works to find the best solutions to help children around the world learn and thrive.

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